Yeimy Alvarez, MD

Registered surgeon of the Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla (Colombia) homologo her degree in the Ministry of Education of Spain with a degree in Medicine, she was eradicated in the city of Madrid for more than 8 years where she specialized in Hair Medicine and obtained her master's degree in Anti-aging Medicine, graduated from the Complutense University and the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. He is currently a Member of the Illustrious College of Physicians of Madrid (Spain).

He focused his training on Hair Transplantation from the best specialists in the world in Hair Restoration as Dr. Ronald L. Shapiro, MD, in the city of Minneapolis (United States) and his mentor and friend Dr. Craig Ziering known as the Hollywood star surgeon, she served as scientific director in her clinics in London (England), the Angeles (California) and Madrid (Spain). Both worldwide referents in the scientific advances of the Hair Restoration.

Dr. Yeimy Alvarez M. is a member of the most prestigious hair restoration societies, these companies are undoubtedly the most important in the United States. Dr. Yeimy Alvarez M. She is proudly the only associate in Latin America.

Belongs since 2013 to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is undoubtedly one of the most recognized worldwide, which is dedicated to promoting scientific advances in hair restoration.
It should be noted that it also forms part as an active member of the following companies that are dedicated full time to promote new techniques and technology against Anti-Aging:

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) - (E.E.U.U)
• Spanish Society of Surgical Medical Laser (SELMQ)
• Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME)
• Spanish Society of Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine (SEMAL)

The commitment of Dr. Yeimy Alvarez M. With her patients through education, continuous training and innovation, are the cornerstone of their success, as well as their partnerships with other world-class experts in the industry.

After her long career in North America and Europe, Dr. Yeimy Alvarez M. created Yeimy Alvarez Medical®. A modern company designed and dedicated full time to the specialty of hair medicine, and in it incorporated the most revolutionary and innovative technology for hair transplants and medical treatments to treat any type of alopecia. Dr. Yeimy Alvarez M. has personally selected and trained the Yeimy Alvarez Medical® team. Where his medical staff is of quality and has a high level of experience.

His commitment to excellence in hair restoration and provide preferential treatment to his patients during the process.