Dear Colleagues,
Hair Transplantation and FUE technique is becoming more and popular recently. Learning of this technique and increasing the practical experience are gaining immense importance through ISHRS organized workshops.
We successfully managed to establish FUE extraction from fixated Cadavers with a special formula. We believe that learning FUE technique and hair transplantation through hands on cadaver study is a very special opportunity for the participant doctors who wants to learn FUE or advance their techniques.

This workshop is going to be held in Acıbadem University’s Case Anatomy Laboratory which offers high technology facilities. In this modern and high technology laboratory, every four or five participants are going to be working on a cadaver and all the steps of FUE technique will be demonstrated in a great detail with the supervision of the ISHRS member faculties.

After this special cadaver hands on experience, we are offering an important opportunity on second day with live FUE operations in which the participants will have the chance to observe every detail of the FUE techniques and ask their questions 1 on 1 for advancing their knowledge and experience.

Do not miss the chance to attend ‘ISHRS FUE CADAVER HANDS-ON & LIVE SURGERY REGİONAL WORKSHOP’ on April 19-20-21 2019 for experiencing this special hands-on cadaver and live surgery practices and to enjoy the historical atmosphere of beautiful Istanbul

Kayihan Sahinoglu, MD, FISHRS

Tayfun Oguzoglu, MD, FISHRS